How To Dine Out More Sustainably This Year.


We all love going out to eat, but controlling the impacts of this favorite social past time can be a bit tricky. Aside from the actual food on the menu, there are energy and environmental impacts associated with the building itself that should be considered. Luckily there are a few organizations out there hoping to make choosing more sustainable restaurants less of a burden on you!

The Green Restaurant Association provides an easy and cost-effective means for restaurants, distributors, manufacturers, and consumers to be more energy efficient, cost effective, and healthy. This non profit organization certifies restaurants on a 2-star, 3-star, and 4-star scale in 7 categories:

  • Water Efficiency

    Hand-Made Farfalle Pasta

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  • Waste Reduction and Recycling
  • Sustainable Furnishings and Building Materials
  • Sustainable Food
  • Energy
  • Disposables
  • Chemical and Pollution Reduction

You can check out their site to search and see if there are any certified establishments near you. If your favorite spots aren’t serving up cuisine on a green platter, consider encouraging them to become certified using this suggestion card! Successful businesses after all like to keep their customers happy.

If you are interested in how to dine more “green” abroad or while traveling there are a couple of great resources at your disposal. One blog published an article on how to dine green while traveling. And if you find yourself in the United Kingdom,a non profit organization similar to The Green Restaurant Association trying to effect change with dining establishments across the pond is The Sustainable Restaurant Association. Happy dining!


- Jamie Fuller


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